About Us

Etosha is the brainwave of a Medical professional, who decided to take some time out from her already busy schedule to provide sensible lifestyle options for the people around her. The vision to provide eco-conscious buyers intimate wear that is safe for the skin and also gentle on the environment, is what led to the birth of Etosha.

Etosha brings together fashion, health and sustainability. Months of efforts and research has gone into manufacturing a handful of unique designs that are comfortable, and simplistic and at the same time sytlish / fashionable. Etosha traces the history behind every single element that goes into the making of our products –from the cotton we source to the yarns we make, from the grey fabric making to the dyeing process, from stitching till packaging.

Driven by the passion to adopt sustainable practices, we are on a mission to provide eco-friendly, intimate wear – the kind that is easy on the skin and easy on the earth/ on mother earth. We invite you / would love you to be a part of this mission

Why us

Pollutants in the environment; toxic waste; rising air quality index, micro plastics seeping into marine life – the price we are paying due to the deep-rooted contamination some of our choices are resulting in is humungous. The rate at which we are exploiting our environment and the hazards this causes to our health and our life is appalling. And the fashion sector has been one of the contributors to this massive ecological crisis.

It is time for each one of us to take steps to bring in change, so that we make this world a better place for our children and their grand children. At Ethosha, we chose to drive this change by offering sustainably manufactured intimate wear.

We have redefined what fashion means in intimate wear. Ethosha's fashion statement means products that are.

Pollution free. Chemical free. Environment friendly and skin friendly. Organically manufactured. Follows Ethical and sustainable practices.

Not to mention, it also means products that are comfortable, stylish, ingenious.

Etosha places environmental, social, and ethical improvements as a priority and works on the principles of eco-designing where we make use of eco-fibres that are non-toxic for the environment. We adopt optimal design planning to reduce wastage. We make use of natural dyeing processes. Our manufacturing units are GOTS certified.

All these add to make our products breathable and easy on the skin, especially the sensitive skin of young children.